Exclusive Monthly Club

Join the Exclusive Monthly Club, and become an Exclusive Client by having your car cleaned once every calendar month!

As a member of the Exclusive Monthly Club, you:

  • Enjoy absolute priority booking, above non-regular clients

  • Have the service scheduled for you, based on your availability

  • Receive complimentary seasonal package upgrades, such as: Paint Protection, Windshield Water Repellant treatment, Leather Protection, Carpet Protection, etc.

  • Get to drive a clean car year round

And your investment for all of this?

It starts at only $97/month.

Warning: If you don’t enjoy skipping to the front of the line (but rather wait with everyone else), and do not like to be treated like an absolute VIP, then the Exclusive Monthly Club may NOT be for you.

There is a very limited number of Clients being granted access to the Exclusive Monthly Club, and sometimes it takes months before spots open up again.

If you’re interested, then you have to act now!

(In the event no spots are available right now, once you fill out and submit the form below, you will be automatically added to the waiting list.)

How It Works

Once enrolled in the Exclusive Monthly Club, at the beginning of each calendar month you receive a reminder email.

Simply reply with your availability for the month, and everything else is being taken care for you (scheduling, payment, pick-up and delivery, etc.).

All you left to do is sit back, and enjoy your clean car, absolutely effortless.

And the best part?

You pay as you go. There are no binding contracts, or cancellation fees. (You can cancel anytime, or go back to irregular cleanings, if that works better for you.)

To sign up for the Exclusive Monthly Club, simply fill out and submit the form below

You’ll get a confirmation email immediately after we receive your application. No payment is required at this time.

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I’ve been a long term client of Clean My Car, using the service whenever I couldn’t stand my car anymore. I always had to give myself countless reminders (along with a stack of PostIt notes), just so that I remember to email Alex about it, or go online and book an appointment.

No more! Now they send me a reminder first thing at the beginning of the month, and I simply tell them what my available days are. That’s it! Clean My Car takes care of the scheduling in a completely hassle-free way for me. Not cheap, but definitely worth it!

-James B.

Been disappointed in the past by other services, and was reluctant to try Clean My Car at first. But, boy, I’m glad I did! Going on my 4th year with them right now, and they haven’t disappointed even once. Thanks, Alex!

-Sylvia N.