"Clean My Car is the car cleaning service for successful people"

We make sure your car is clean, even if you have absolutely no time for it. Guaranteed.


Is your dirty car bothering you, but you’re just too busy to do anything about it?

And is she still projecting the “success” image you want... and worked so hard to achieve?

Does your mood drop instantly when you get in your car?

Are you almost embarrassed if your colleagues and clients see your car?

Even more so, are you afraid it’s so dirty it might be affecting your (or your family’s) health?                                          

Perhaps you’ve tried other solutions in the past... How did that work out?

Waiting in long lines at local car wash shops (just like everyone else), not knowing how long you were stuck there for ... and ... on your day off!

And the quality? Let’s just say the money would’ve been better spent elsewhere (by the way, did you notice that some wipe the inside of your car with the same filthy rag they used to wipe the wheels?).

Not to mention that none of them seemed to appreciate your business...


As if they were doing YOU a favour!


Or maybe you simply gave up on it and said to yourself “I’ll deal with it when I get the time”. But you never have the time and it keeps bothering you...

Would you like to have someone reliable to take the burden off your shoulders?

If so, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

And here’s why...


There is an easy solution for YOU


All you need is Clean My Car, the car cleaning service that makes sure your car is clean even if you absolutely have no time for it.

Here’s just some of the many reasons why you should try this amazing service right now:

  • Because I specialize in high-end automobiles (Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, and Porsche), if you happen to own one

  • You are treated with respect, as a human being and not just “another wallet”

  • It gives you more than a car clean, instead you treat yourself with a pleasant experience

  • It is extremely convenient and you don’t have to change your schedule to accommodate interruptions

  • It is incredibly easy to use (we pick up the car, meticulously clean it, and carefully return to you).


But wait, there's more...


  • You have peace of mind knowing that your appointment is confirmed (and kept) precisely as you requested it

  • You receive undivided attention because we take care of only one client per day

  • It gives you a rewarding feeling, just like having a new car every single time

  • It is safe if you have any allergies or chemical sensitivity because we clean with plant based products (it is also safe for your four-legged friend)

  • It gives you comfort knowing that your car is protected against unexpected events by a $5 million liability insurance

  • You get the “bragging rights” to tell your friends about your special status (everyone will look at you with envy and wish they’d known about it before you did)

Bottom line is...


It takes no effort on your part whatsoever!


I’ll tell you more about this remarkable service in a moment. But first, let me get something out of the way.

I didn’t go through all this trouble to offer you something you don’t really need...

In fact, you should click away, and forget about my service immediately if:

  • You drive a minivan, a pick-up truck, a Jeep Wrangler or any kind of off-road vehicle (because we’re simply not good at these vehicles)

  • Your car is merely a mode of transportation, and you don’t take any pride in it whatsoever

  • You don’t care about your image (and how other people might perceive you)

  • Your time has relatively low value since you clean the car yourself

  • You only care about price (and not the overall experience)

  • You secretly feel proud when your friends tell you “Your car sure needs a clean!”

  • You like shopping around for the cheapest deal and don’t mind wasting your time this way

  • Your secret mantra is “Who cares about this planet, just nuke the damn baby seals!

  • You routinely inhale toxic chemical fumes because “it’s good for your health”


Even more so, my service is not for YOU if...


  • “Quality” is way down on your priority list ... and “Cheap” has the top three positions

  • You don’t mind shady service people going through your personal belongings ... and keeping what they “like”

  • You’re an absolute risk taker, and you constantly gamble with the safety of your prized possessions

  • You enjoy stressful relationships with vendors because it “spices up” your life

  • You take great pleasure in using services with never ending option lists (and complicated menus) because you consider it a “workout for your brain”

  • You find it entertaining to cancel an appointment with an important client because your plumber is once again “stuck in traffic”

  • You take great pride in driving a dirty car (dinged and scuffed all over) because it makes you “stand out”

Phew! I’m glad I got that off my chest...

Still with me? Good, let’s press on.


That sounds good, but I’ve been burned in the past... Will I risk my money with you?


No, not at all.

And here’s why: My car cleaning service comes with a... 


100% Money-Back Guarantee!


That's right, your money back! We don't keep your money, if the service is not right for you.

You won’t find such guarantee anywhere else in the car cleaning industry.

That is how strongly I believe you will benefit from using my service. And I am willing to take the risk to prove it to you.

Listen, here’s my promise to you...


If, despite my best efforts, you are not happy with the service, YOU will receive a full 100% refund of every penny you paid!


You see, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Of course, I can only make an offer so good to a small number of people. If you’re interested, all you need to do is simply click the button below to receive the free Info Kit.

And you are under NO obligation to buy anything from me whatsoever. No gimmicks, no strings attached.



Here’s the deal, I could go on and on about how much you’d benefit from trying my car cleaning service. But I believe my clients say it so much better in their own words...


“THE BEST! You can tell by the work, Alex knows what he is doing and LOVES what he is doing. Prompt replies via I-Message as early as 7am, and incredibly professional. I have a fairly expensive sports car and was nervous for the right company to clean it. Safe to say, I will ONLY deal with Alex and Clean My Car from now on.”

-Chris McKay, Vancouver-


“Awesome guy. Great customer service. Clean car. And I don’t have to get off my butt. Can’t get any better than that. A truly great experience!”

-Arianna Finos, Vancouver-


“Alex takes excellent care of his wash clients. He’s attentive, on time, and pays real attention to detail. My car was returned to me in showroom condition. Highly recommend Clean My Car (which comes to you) so you can continue to attend to your business without long waits, and poor finishing because of time pressures.”

-Aly (Altaf) Nazerali, Cathedral Place-


“Super easy and what a great job. Better than the Porsche dealer custom wash, and all without leaving the office parkade. Thanks Alex!”

-Rob Bruno, Vancouver-


“Once again Alex, thank you for the excellent service. The quality is always consistent, and I love the way the car smells when I get inside.”

-Maria Johnson, Vice President Cathedral Place management-


“Alex, your work is fantastic. My ten year old car looks amazing inside and outside. I enjoy using your service over and over. Besides my beloved Jaguar, I brought to you my wife’s and my mom’s cars. I trusted you with the cars of the two most important women in my life. I believe this sums it up...”

-Stephen Wigman, Vancouver-


“Alex cleaned my car today with the Better Wash option and it looks great! I put photos of my car online straightway to sell and I already have two potential buyers lined-up the same day. I found Alex to be honest, courteous, professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend his service to anyone and won’t hesitate to use the service again!

-Jasmine Wolley, Vancouver-



So, why am I making you such a generous offer?

Simple. I’m doing it for myself.

You see, I found out that people who learn about my service are very likely to return and use it again (over, and over, and over again).

I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for the world. And I intend to surround myself with happy clients, whom also love what I do for them. This gives me one of the biggest satisfactions in life.


You see, YOU have absolutely nothing to lose. But...


There’s a catch. I can only afford to make an offer so good to a small number of people.

If you’re interested, all you need to do is simply click the button below to receive the free Info Kit.

As I said, you are under NO obligation to buy anything from me whatsoever. No gimmicks, no strings attached.