3 Reasons Why a Clean Car Makes Your Day Better (#2 is quite surprising...)

3 Reasons Why a Clean Car Makes Your Day Better (#2 is quite surprising…)

You just got your car cleaned and detailed in Vancouver.

You get in and drive away.

Somehow, you’re in a better mood than before. The world looks different, doesn’t it?

It is common to experience an increased sense of well being right after getting in a freshly cleaned vehicle.

These might be the reasons why…


1.It makes us feel superior to others

As much as we’re trying to suppress it, it is human nature. At a subconscious level we’re always competing with the other people.

We might not want to accept it, because sometimes it feels unfair, but it is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

That’s how the human race survived over time, because this competition is in fact a natural selection. We want to be smarter, faster and (recently) better dressed than our peers.

Anything that helps us feel superior feeds our ego.

A cleaner car is on the list.


2.It gives us an “I just bought myself something new” feeling

Even though simply washing a car doesn’t turn it into a new vehicle (if it did, car washes would be much more expensive!), it still manages to boost our mood.

Science says that it is due to the difference in perception between the “Before” and “After”. We left behind a dirty car, and returned to a shiny one.


3.It makes us feel better about ourselves

Every time we cross off an item on the ever growing “To Do” list, we feel a sense of accomplishment. According to research, even completing small tasks does the trick.

At Clean My Car, we figured out a long time ago that we’re not in the car wash business. Our business is “Making your day better”.

Clean cars are just a side effect.


Can you think of another reason why a clean car makes us feel good? If so, leave a comment below!