3 Important Questions to Ask Your Local Car Cleaning and Detailing Company in Vancouver

3 Questions to Ask Your Local Car Cleaning and Detailing Company in Vancouver (#2 can save you a lot of trouble…)

I love the convenience of modern life. No longer have to do a lot of the things yourself.

Need to mow the lawn? The landscaping company will do it for you.

Not feeling like cooking? An app will deliver homemade-like meals to your door.

Car got dirty during the awesome family trip? A mobile car cleaning and detailing service will take care of that, without you lifting a finger.

 As the old saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility of doing our due diligence in choosing the RIGHT company.

Companies are as good as the people behind them. And making sure we’re dealing with the right people is something that saves us trouble in the long run.

In other words: do your homework first, relax after.

Because in the beginning, everyone seems great. They all seem eager to earn your business. They promise immediate problem resolution (if anything were to even happen in the first place).

I’m sure you’ve heard these slogans before:

  • Customer service is our business...

  • Quality first...

  • Our customer is always right...

And the list continues...

A lot of good intentions go behind these slogans. But because backing them up in real life takes huge effort, most companies stop there.

People will tell you everything you want to hear, just to have you sign on the dotted line.

And then miraculously the responsibility becomes yours.

The responsibility to make sure they show up on time.

The responsibility to make sure they respect the deadline.

The responsibility to make sure pricing doesn’t change halfway through the job.

Somehow, you seem to work as much as them. Shouldn’t you get paid as well?

Entering such a relationship with any service provider creates a lot of frustration. Not to mention when things go sideways, and you get stuck with the bill.

Besides dong your due diligence and collecting as many referrals as possible before committing to a contract, there are also 3 important questions you must ask the car cleaning and detailing company (you can actually use them for any service company).

The answers will give further insight into how the company operates, and what are its values.


1.Do you carry liability insurance?

Sometimes things get broken during service. Your things.

Knowing who pays for damages from the get go is crucial.

Any respectable company will carry liability insurance for up to $2 mil. Ask for proof. This protects them and you from unforeseen expenses, due to damages caused to your property.


2.Are you registered with WCB?

This special type of insurance protects you when staff of the service provider gets injured on your property.

If they’re not covered by WCB, the liability rests on you. And you could be sued for damages.

The service company should provide proof of coverage. You can also find out by yourself, simply going to www.worksafebc.com and entering the full name of the company.


3.Do you have a business license with my city?

This one might seem trivial, perhaps even nosy. However, the answer will reveal some interesting things.

By law, any company operating within Vancouver’s city limits is required to have a business license for that particular city.

Some companies choose to carry a business license only for the city they are based out of.

When doing work in your city though, they are using the local infrastructure for free. They are making a profit from their work, but not giving anything back to the community.

I personally believe that’s also morally wrong.


So the 3 important questions you must ask your service provide / contractor are:

  • Do you carry liability insurance?

  • Are you registered with WCB?

  • Do you have a business license with my city?


Asking these questions does not ensure a fail proof experience. It does help however limit the risk you are exposing yourself to.


Alex Draghicescu is the owner of Clean My Car, a mobile car wash and detailing service in Vancouver BC. You can reach him via email at alex@cleanmycar.ca