All Car Cleaning Sources Are Not Equal

1.The other car cleaning companies expect you to take your car to them.

Clean My Car picks up your car from you place, and returns it safely to you after service, with zero effort on your part.


2.The other car cleaning companies offer you a dizzying selection of packages, with never ending list of options, which make sense for them, not for you.

Clean My Car offers you a simple choice, from only two options: Complete Clean and Complete Clean + Protect.


3.The other car cleaning companies oftentimes do not carry the adequate insurance, so if something happens to your car during cleaning, you are left to pay the bill.

Clean My Car carries the right type of insurance, and you’re protected in case of unexpected events.


4.Other car cleaning companies expect you to pay for service, whether you are happy or not.

Clean My Car offers you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the service, despite our best efforts, you get a full refund on every single penny you paid.


5.Other car cleaning companies may have shady employees, paid minimum wage, and take no responsibility for your belongings left in the car

Clean My Car employs only carefully screened people, pays and trains them well, and takes full responsibility for your stuff while your car is in our care.


6.Other car cleaning companies may use dangerous and health-hazardous chemicals, putting you, and everyone who travels with you in the car, at risk

Clean My Car uses only safe, gentle, eco-friendly chemicals, and puts your best interest first.


7.Other car cleaning companies do not take appointments, work only on a “first come, first serve” basis, and make it almost impossible for you to plan for anything else that day

Clean My Car gives you a specific start and end time for your appointment, which you can reliably use to plan your other activities.


8.Other car cleaning companies may have no respect for your time, and act as if they were doing you a favour

Clean My Car staff is always grateful for your business, treat you as a human being - and not just another “wallet” – and make you feel appreciated.


9.Other car cleaning companies make you jump through hoops and loops just for the “privilege” to use their service

Clean My Car offers you ridiculously-simple ways to book an appointment – via email, phone or text – which take you minutes to set up.