How To Keep Your Car Free Of Health-Destroying Dust Mites

Did you know that the average person sheds about thirty to forty thousand dead skin cells every hour? In one year, that adds up to approximately 3.6 Kg (or 8 Lbs) of dead skin flakes.

It gets even more interesting (or gross)... Did you know that a significant percentage of the dust surrounding you in your house, office or car, is made up of dead skin? Other components are: pet dander, mold spores, pollen, hairs, mineral particles, etc.

Yeah, I know ... disgusting...

But here’s the good part: that is how your skin regenerates. Through this complex process, you have completely new skin on your body every three to four weeks.


And how is that important, you ask?


I’ll tell you in a moment...

What happens is your skin flakes are the main food source of this tiny little creature called dust mite. In fact, skin flakes from only one person can feed over a million dust mites.

The dust mites are microscopic relatives of the spiders and scorpions, and live on carpet and fabric. They are too small to be seen with the human eye.

So small that...


A square meter or carpet can house over a hundred thousand dust mites!


You see, these creatures are not harmless. The insect itself does not bite, draw blood or carry diseases, like some of her relatives.

In fact, only the feces (and body parts) from the dust mites are the recognized allergens. And because a single dust mite can lay over twenty droppings a day, things can get out of control quickly if you don’t do anything about it.

Just a single gram of dust (about half of teaspoon) contains approximately a thousand (1,000) dust mites and over two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) allergenic dust mite fecal pellets.

Studies show that, in North America, over twenty million people are allergic to dust mites. Symptoms are similar to the ones from pollen allergies (and just as annoying): red-itchy eyes, sneezing and runny-stuffy nose.

Reality is you cannot get rid of dust mites completely, but you can control and reduce their numbers.

And if you have young children or anyone in your family has asthma, COPD or a respiratory issue, you’ll want to take every step to control them. 

So, whether in your car or in your home...


What can you do about it?


1.Vacuum frequently

Vacuuming alone does not get rid of the dust mites, but eliminates their food, skin flakes. A thorough vacuuming at least once a month is a good first step.

2.Wipe and clean hard surfaces with a damp cloth

Wiping with a dry cloth stirs up the dust, along with dust mite residue, and increases the chance of you breathing it in. The damp cloth traps dust particles and makes for more effective cleaning.

3.Eliminate clutter

Cluttered areas collect dust and make cleaning difficult. By getting rid of clutter, you reduce dust build-up and ensure better cleaning.

4.Expose areas to sunlight

Dust mites love humidity and die when humidity drops below 40%.

5.Shampoo the carpets often

Shampooing deep cleans the carpet and reduces embedded dirt, including skin flakes and dust mite residue.

6.Have your car cleaned by a professional

A professional car cleaning company has the knowledge and tools to do the job for you. If you're interested in my Complimentary Car Consultation, simply send an email to